Surfset Huntington Beach

Get Lean & Fit Like a Surfer

SURFSET® Huntington Beach at G60fit

Ok, so are you ready to get in surf shape. Want a lean surfer physique? We have the perfect fitness program for you, SURFSET® Fitness. By emulating the movements a surfer makes while catching and riding killer waves on SURFSET® RipSurfer X, we help you create sharp lined body definition, increase cardiovascular fitness, burn fat, build lean muscle, and increase total body strength. SURFSET’s® RipSurfer X will force you to engage your core and turn your abs into a six-pack. SURFSET® sessions will challenge all the small stabilizer muscles in your body to promote that perfect long & lean surfer body. Get ready to have a blast and shred some serious calories through killer SURFSET® sessions offered by G60fit.

SURFSET® Huntington Beach small group fitness class times ⇒

SURFSET Fitness Huntington Beach RipSurfer X

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